A Traveling Tower – For Your Next Deer Hunting Trip

Reprinted with permission by the  Journal of the Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association:

Deer hunting in Minnesota has long been a passion (an obsession, some might say) for many of us, and how fortunate can we be when our interest & love of the sport can turn into not only a profitable business venture, added manufacturing activity here in our state, but can also generate several good “patentable” ideas that can help our citizens and industry.

Such is what was born, in a hunting stand, back in the fall of 2009, by partners Todd Rubey and  Jeff Olson.  Having been hunters all of their lives, they had that “…let’s build a better mouse trap…” moment when they came up with their “Traveling Tower” idea.

The Traveling Tower, which is also the name of their newly formed company, is just being sold this fall for the first time.  Designed and built right here in Minnesota, and according to Todd and Jeff’s plans, going to stay that way, the Traveling Tower has many uses, with deer hunting being only one of them.  The other uses include:

—Use in the construction industry.  Possibly installing gutter systems, used by painters, used by siding companies – used anywhere you would want to quickly and easily erect a platform, that is also very easily transportable, to service a vertical wall or area that is 8 feet to 12 feet off the ground.

—Use by Videographers.  Shooting films where quickly erecting a portable tower, capable of supporting some very heavy video equipment, along with one or two operators also, is a huge time savings.  And the platform on the tower can be lowered, moved to a new location, and then erected, without the need for removal of any of the equipment on the platform.  The platform can remain fully loaded, and horizontal at all times. 

—Use in theAgricultural Irrigation Industry.  Right now almost all of the farmers and technicians that work on those large irrigation systems you see on farm fields access all of these connections, sensors, valves, piping, etc. that need service, by moving a ladder from point to point to point along that irrigation line.   How about using a 4 wheeler as transport around the field, and having this platform that can quickly be extended to the height necessary to access all of this equipment which is approximately 12 feet off the ground.  The time/labor savings when utilizing a “Traveling Tower” is tremendous

Todd Rubey, one of the founders of the company, had long used a “tower” concept in the fields that he likes to hunt on his property, and always felt that there was a way to make the whole concept portable.  A way to move it from place to place due to the fact that deer change their paths and movements in the field. 

Another big advantage of the Traveling Tower comes with the weight and stability added by being mounted to that 500 pound, 4-wheeler underneath (although the Traveling Tower has all the stability required to allow the operator to detach their 4-wheeler from underneath and use that for transportation in the field).  If you are in a hunting spot where the ground is not altogether stable, the added support of the 4-wheeler is a tremendous advantage.

Most notable is that the design, that Todd & Jeff came up with, has been submitted last year to the U. S. Patent Office, has been evaluated by the U. S. Patent Office, and the Patent Office has “deemed worthy” for full submission of patents on 3 operating areas/functional designs, built into the Traveling Tower:

—The lifting mechanism, which employs a cable system capable of lifting the structure from a horizontal, folded position up to its vertical, erected position

—The design of the platform, which maintains its horizontal attitude whether in the folded position or in the erected position, allowing gear to be left on the platform all the time, and allowing gear to be loaded onto the platform from the ground rather than being lifted up to the platform level only after being erected

—The design of the attachment mechanism to the 4-wheeler, and the quick and easy removal from that 4-wheeler

All of the Traveling Towers currently being manufactured employ these three designs noted above, and all are issued with “Patents Pending” as per the U. S. Patent Office.

Another version of the traveling tower, which is only in the design stages at this time, would service and provide access to handicapped hunters (handicapped in that the hunter still has use of his/her upper body, and can pull themselves onto the platform when still in the folded position).  The Traveling Tower would serve as the perfect “deer stand” that would afford them that elevated position for hunting while at the same time making it very easy to into the platform in the field. 

Todd & Jeff have already done a great deal of preliminary marketing, having taken the Traveling Tower on the road to many regional hunting shows such as the Sportsman’s Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center, the Deer Classic this past Spring at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, along with several out-state hunting shows.  At the Sportsman’s Show in Minneapolis they were most pleased to get mentioned as one of the “Top 3 Neatest Ideas” on display at the show.  They are hoping that future Sales & Marketing efforts of this Traveling Tower will include some of the big names in hunting, such as Cabela’s and Gander Mountain and preliminary discussions have already taken place.

Best of all, for we Minnesotans, is that their idea was born here in Minnesota, is coming to fruition here, and, according to Todd & Jeff will “…stay here…” in Minnesota for the foreseeable future.

Bill Remes

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, AmeriStar Manufacturing Inc.

Providing Metal Stamping (Short and Long Run), CNC Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Assembly, Welding, Metal Finishing, Laser and Waterjet Cutting

Website:  www.ameristarmfg.com

Email:  BillR@ameristarmfg.com

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