Give Your Concept a “Power Review”

AmeriStar has initiated a new Marketing effort entitled: “Let’s give your Concept A ‘Power Review’”

A “Power Review” from AmeriStar includes our working with you to best determine:

—How could this part be best made?

—Given the use of this part, is it toleranced correctly?

—Are there manufacturing processes available that will reduce the cost to make this part, saving us (and you) time & money?

AmeriStar can quote your parts using multiple different processes (stamping, machining, laser, waterjet, wire EDM), so we can quote your parts:

—Not only in the prototype stages

—But also in the production ramp up stage

—And into full production

Let AmeriStar review your part Designs, Drawings, Ideas, Concepts, etc. for Manufacturability in any and all of these multiple processes listed.

Talk to AmeriStar Estimating Staff directly, to discuss your project.

Call 507-625-1515, Ext 222, and ask for our “Estimating Staff,”

Or Email us at

Bill Remes

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

AmeriStar Manufacturing Inc.

Providing Metal Stamping (Short and Long Run), CNC Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Assembly, Welding, Metal Finishing, Laser and Waterjet Cutting



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