Reducing Vendors – Cost Savings Measures

To add, maintain, etc. multiple vendors in your Purchasing Department’s systems can be very costly.  That is why a vendor, with multiple capabilities, can be a cost savings measure to your company.

AmeriStar has multiple different manufacturing services available, eliminating the need, in many instances, for multiple vendors in your system.

With some frequency, when I am calling on a customer (most often a new customer), they tell me a story regarding how they have obtained parts, from some of our competitors in the past.  For example, one customer 1) sourced his sheet stock material from a steel distributor, then 2) sent it out for processing (i.e. stamping, bending, laser cutting, etc.), then 3) was sending it to a 3rd vendor to have it plated, powder coated, etc.  I explained that we at AmeriStar take complete responsibility for all of these 3 operations, and would deliver his parts “complete, per print” saving him a great deal of time, not to mention his transportation cost of transferring these parts from vendor to vendor to vendor.

AmeriStar offers:

Metal Stamping, CNC Machining, and Assembly (Short and Long Run).  Our stock inventory of standard form dies means lower tooling and run costs.  We have complete in-house tool production and maintenance departments.

Sheet Metal Fabrication.  Our CNC machines offer greater flexibility for prototype development and production modifications.

Welding and Metal Finishing

Laser and Waterjet Cutting

–Tooling manufactured “in-house” for short lead times

–Painting, E-coat, and Plating available

Bill Remes, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, AmeriStar Manufacturing (

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