The Fabricator Magazine, and their “Fab 40” Successful Companies

In the June 2010 issue of The Fabricator Magazine, the cover story was about fabricators “…who have climbed to the top…”  The article, entitled the “Fab 40” was the magazine’s list of “…some of the most aggressive and successful shops in the magazine’s subscriber base.”  AmeriStar was most pleased to be included in this list of Top 40 Job Shops!!!

The shops included reflected a wide variety of types of shops within the metal fabricating industry.  And they pointed out many of the things that these shops have in common (most of which we are doing here at AmeriStar):

—Investing in new and used equipment to bolster current capabilities

—Strengthening relationships with current customers to see if they (we) could create new business with familiar faces

—Targeting new sales efforts in new markets to diversify the customer mix

—Looking for internal opportunities to root out waste to improve the bottom-line performance when margins were as tight as ever

We are proud of the fact that AmeriStar was included, and we wanted to point out a couple of items:

–that there must be as many as 10,000+ companies that are part of this “Fabricated Metal Products/Job Shops” category in the U.S. that could potentially have been included in this group, but AmeriStar made the top 40

–that AmeriStar is not an Advertiser in The Fabricator Magazine.  So rest assured that our inclusion in this article was not based upon any existing relationship with the publishing staff at the magazine.

AmeriStar has been in business for 102 years – since 1908.  And we are looking forward to our next 102 years!

Bill Remes, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, AmeriStar Manufacturing  (

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Congrats on being listed as one of the “Fab40”!

Comment by WendyG on July 26, 2010 9:18 am

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